Welcome to our Circle! 

This is a program where differences are celebrated and students are elevated. We believe that each child is born with God-given gifts and talents. Here at the Circle of Friends we work with each student to capture and grow these talents. Building each student's life skillset is a priority for our team.  Our goal is to help each student reach a place of independence in society. We are able do this by using our POP program. Proclaiming Our Potential  (POP) is a structured program that integrates the students into society by participation in outreach, events, fundraising, and job training. Our students enjoy instruction in music, visul art, and culinary arts. They participate in running the gift shop and snack shack. General educational classes are held to build reading and mathematic skills. The most important experience each student has is acceptance and love.

Take a few minutes to virtually visit our Circle of Friends.